Getting to Devaamo Summit

Yes, I’m no longer a holdout, and asking for a handout

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Texrat in Tampere with friends, 2010

Me in Tampere with friends, 2010. Eager to return!  Photo courtesy of Carol (cybette) Chen.

I’m usually much more comfortable donating to causes than putting myself out there as one, but at the insistence of a few friends and in utter desperation, here goes.

If you’ve gotten any benefit from the writing here, or any other venue I’ve supported in some fashion, I humbly ask for a small donation loan to help me get to the inaugural Devaamo Summit to be held this June in Tampere, Finland.

I’m hoping to present a talk or two, but even if I don’t, I know I would personally benefit from the experience.  In turn, I’ll naturally share with our little audience here what made the event magical.  It will be almost like you’re there!

My eventual hope is to establish a network of collaborators and givers here, and while we’re off to a small start, who knows where it can go with community involvement.  I’ve witnessed first-hand what’s possible when collaborative critical mass is achieved,  and there’s no reason post404 can’t accomplish the same thing if we find and act on the topics you hold dear.  One of our goals is to cut through the hype and spin surrounding just about every subject these days and present you with the unvarnished but useful truth.

We also hope to reward every reader with an enlightening, educational experience and as more writers join (still waiting on some articles!) the odds of that should increase.  And that isn’t limited to regular contributors– if you get a wild idea you want to share and this looks like the right place, let us know!  There’s a really good chance we can be your outlet.

One of the reasons I started this online magazine was to identify MAKE-minded people with at least some flair for storytelling and give them a chance to find a receptive audience.  From there we would help them find future opportunities with media providers willing to fund their travel to various events for volunteer journalistic coverage.  Yes, it’s a lofty dream but we do aim to make it happen!  Eventually, I’ll turn the current Donate button into one for the site in general, and we can brainstorm as to how to apply future funds.

Let’s start things off by getting me to Devaamo.  I’ve provided a Paypal link as one friend suggested (below).  If you don’t like Paypal and prefer another service, just let me know in comments, email, twitter or what-have-you and I will try to accomodate.  After all, you’re helping me!

And it doesn’t need to be much.  Every little bit helps, especially if you can get the word out to more people.   I’ve even made it easy: just click the Share or Tweet buttons.

At some point, I expect to return the favor by helping one or more readers to make it to the US, perhaps for the first time.  For large contributors, I’ll even offer my skills as a writer or designer to pay you back.  Need a 3D model?  Some editing?  A logo?  I’m your man!

So, spread the word!  Show the world what community can accomplish.  Thanks, everyone!  :)

Note: if for any reason I am unable to go, I will gladly return all donations or reappropriate them as requested.

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