In the US, and Can’t Create a WiFi Hotspot with Your Nokia N9? Here’s the Fix

Proof that the Nokia N9 will continue rocking as long as the community does

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Today I needed a WiFi connection for my laptop and was running into trouble.  No problem, I thought: just use Dial-Up Networking with my N9.  But for some reason the DUN service was not working on it, and I was getting desperate.  So I turned to WiFi hotspot app JoikuSpot, which I had installed months ago but not yet used.  Unfortunately, when I launched it, I got:

Wireless Network
Not allowed

The good news was that someone else got a WiFi hotspot working from their device, and I was able to get Internet.

A quick search later revealed the problem with JoikuSpot: “it causes the unit to go over the SAR limits set by the FCC” according to a poster on Nokia Discussions.  SAR stands for “Specific Absorption Rate” and is a measure of device radiation.  JoikuSpot apparently exceeds the limits that the US Federal Communications Commission deems safe.

I won’t get into the safety issue, but I would like to choose for myself if I occasionally need ad hoc WiFi (I think I exercise enough caution).

Thanks to the ever-helpful Nokia N9 community, I was quickly pointed to a solution after venting my frustration on Twitter.  Maemo community member itsnotabigtruck posted a utility called ad-hac  that gets around the FCC restriction.  I downloaded the deb file, installed it, started JoikuSpot up and voila! it works now.

Just another great example of how awesome the N9 community is.

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